How did the demand for on demand apps increase worldwide?

What is the significance of on demand apps? and the growth of on demand service industry

The on demand app renders services that form a bridge between the business’s service providers and customers. For example, a customer may need any services during this period of social distancing such as food delivery, household appliance repair, grocery or medicines delivery, and more. These services can be easily accessed if the consumer has a mobile with an on demand service app.

Can you believe that on demand services have seen rapid growth in recent times despite the covid 19 crisis? If you don’t, then let me provide you some stats revolving around on demand services.

  • According to recent statistics, U.S. consumers are spending about $57.6 billion in the on demand economy.
  • As per the analysis, the Online Food Delivery app is expected to reach $161.74 Billion by 2023 worldwide.
  • As per the research, it is also evident that revenue in the Online Food Delivery segment is expected to reach US$182,327m by 2024, which will contribute to an annual growth rate (CAGR 2020–2024) of 7.5%.

How do you benefit from using a clone solution to build an eminent on demand app?

Let me now tell you a few major benefits of using a clone solution to build your desired on demand platform.


It is the major advantage of using a clone solution to develop an on demand app. This is because the flexibility of the clone solution helps you to develop a robust and desired on demand service platform. Such an absolute platform can be built only from a renowned clone solution like an Upwork clone, Taskrabbit clone, etc. And, a platform created from one such renowned clone solution can provide excellent services 24/7 to the satisfaction of customers. Thus, all you need is a flawless online solution that is customizable with exciting features and functionalities as per your on demand business specifications.


The next advantage of using a clone solution to build an on demand clone app is that they help you to save costs. This means that you can get your dream on demand platform developed with your budget. Whereas building an app is time-consuming and is quite expensive. Asides from this, upgrading your platform on par with the changing trends, with new features, and according to user demands becomes effortless and affordable too. Yet, in the case of an app developed new, any upgrade will need extra effort and cost.

Aids you better

Another major advantage of making use of a clone solution to build your on demand app is the way it aids entrepreneurs to captivate a large number of users. Only by using a notable on demand clone solution, you’ll be able to develop a highly secure platform to assist the users safely and fulfill their needs to make them feel comfortable.

How to opt for an exact clone solution to build your dream on demand platform?

To develop an on demand app you need to opt for a lucrative clone solution. Now, how to choose one such eminent clone solution? must be the question you’ve stumbled upon. Here are a few features you should consider while choosing your required line solution.

1. Finding Appropriate taskers

An eminent clone solution must allow the users on the on demand service platform to book the services for their own needs by posting their service requirements. This way it also helps taskers who can accept the job after going through the service needs posted by the user. This feature will make the process of finding appropriate taskers for every service job quite simple.

2. Explore Services

It is one of the features that a clone solution must provide. Only with this feature, the users will be able to explore the range of on demand services available on the on demand platform. This feature helps users to place their service requirements in a much better way. This feature also lets users know about the services available in detail. Therefore, it will be best if you look for a clone solution with features that allows users to Explore services.

3. Chat Options

This interesting feature of a clone solution brings about smooth communication between the tasker and the user. The users will be able to chat with their taskers regarding their service requirements and can also get their queries cleared. Thus, this feature helps users and taskers to have a good rapport and communication without interruptions.

4. Reviews and Ratings

The clone solution you opt for must have the features that allow the users on your on demand platform to rate and give their valuable feedback to the taskers. This is because, with these reviews, other users on the platform for sure will find it more helpful to approach the same tasker or choose another.

5. Notifications

This is the most important feature that a clone solution should possess. This feature allows each and every user on the on demand services platform to get instant notification whenever anything new happens on the platform. To put it in a nutshell, the user will get notified then and there so that they don’t miss anything important.

6. Finding jobs nearby

The clone solution you are looking for must have this feature for sure as this aids the taskers on your on demand platform to quickly find suitable service jobs in their nearby location.

7. Share Location

The clone solution you choose must have the feature that allows the tasker and the user to share their locations. So, there is no doubt that this feature is of great importance to both the users and taskers on the on demand platform.

Final thought: How to succeed in building your on demand platform?

The only key to succeed in building your desired unique platform is by choosing an extraordinary app development company. As I’ve explained in the above sections, on demand service apps are so popular among people worldwide. And, I strongly believe that my entire blog with all the stats, benefits, and features required on building the on demand service app from an elite clone solution must have now made you start thinking of the right place to get a suitable clone solution.



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